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The Egyptians are moderately religious and religious principles are quite noticeable in their daily lives.


Here each family member is responsible for the integrity of his or her family and for the behaviour of other members, creating an environment that would be envied by many people in the West. Here they are very close to each other, family ties are far stronger than in the west, and that is why you will find any major city in Egypt is a lot safer than any western metropolis. Muslims in Egypt cannot drink alcohol (at least that is what most of them do) but of course they tolerate others do so, always in moderate amounts.

They do not eat pork or its derivates, so it will not be easy for you to find a place where they serve it, if you are lucky to find one, do not expect a wide choice in the menu.

We cannot talk about traditions without mentioning Ramadan. It is a time for peace and generosity and it happens once a year during a whole month. It is not allowed to eat or drink while the sun is raised, so they have to do so when it sets, and you will see how a quiet and calm city becomes lively and bustling when the time of eating comes. During this month, donations, almsgiving and charity would be at its highest rates, it is the time for forgiveness and love. It is a wonderful month .

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